Restaurant Ćirilica (Cyrillic) is unusually designed restaurant located near the Belgrade Arena. Sheltered from the noise is the perfect place to escape and enjoy the friendly atmosphere.

If we tried to get it, by way of food preparation and serving, arrayed in a category, it would not have managed with precision because on our menu, in addition to traditional dishes is the modern international cuisine, too. However, what guarantee is the freshness of ingredients and excellent preparation of top chefs!

Given that the Cyrillic alphabet and our officially part of our identity, restaurant Ćirilica wants to offer you the A to Š expose meals Serbian past, but also does not want to remain deprived of the superior tastes designed at present, and therefore incompatible connects you to combine different tastes and to help you to experience an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

In the beautiful setting, completely authentic interior which has been carefully designed, you can enjoy daily coffee, a glass of wine or specialties of our cuisine. Bookmark business success or a special moment, which we will gladly arrange for you.

Use Ćirilica as a language to say to each other all the good you think and together experience the excitement of our cuisine, atmosphere and pleasant staff.